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How To Be More Shifty In Basketball

In basketball, being shifty means being able to change direction quickly and make defenders miss. There are a few things you can do to improve your shifty moves: 1) Practice dribbling in different directions. 2) Try fakeouts and crossovers. 3) Move your body around to create space. 4) Use your quickness and agility to your advantage.

How To Be More Shifty In Basketball

There are a few techniques that can help you become more shifty on the basketball court. One is to keep your head up, so you can see what’s happening around you and make quick decisions. You can also use your body to shield the ball from defenders, making it harder for them to steal it. Another key is to change direction quickly and unpredictably, so defenders can’t get a good read on your moves. Finally, practice your dribbling skills and footwork so you can

There is no one specific answer for this question, as the tools and materials you may need to be more shifty in basketball will vary depending on your own personal skills and abilities. However, some things that may help you become more shifty on the court include practicing your ball handling skills regularly, working on your footwork, and improving your agility. Additionally, having a good understanding of the game itself and the different moves and strategies that can be used to confuse your opponents will also be helpful

  • master the art of the jab step. 2. use your body and your pivots to create space and angles. 3. be unpredictable with your movements. 4. keep your head up, and always

– be more unpredictable on the court – use your body and your ball handling skills to create space and make defenders dizzy – use your quickness to get around defenders and to the basket

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Improve My Athleticism In Basketball?

There are many ways to improve athleticism in basketball. One way is to increase lower body strength by doing exercises like squats, lunges, and calf raises. Another way is to improve speed and agility by doing drills like sprints, cone drills, and jumping rope. Finally, you can improve your balance and coordination by practicing tasks like dribbling and shooting while moving laterally.

How Do You Get A Shifty Handle In Basketball?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some possible methods include using your body and hands to create space between you and the defender, keeping your dribble low to the ground, and changing speeds.

How Do I Become A Faster Dribbler?

There are a few things you can do to become a faster dribbler. Firstly, practice dribbling with both feet. Secondly, try to keep the ball close to your body and use your peripheral vision to keep track of the ball. Lastly, focus on quick and controlled movements when dribbling.


There are many techniques that can help a basketball player become more shifty on the court. Some of these techniques include improving footwork, using fakes and feints, and keeping the ball close to the body. By practicing these skills regularly, players can become more elusive and difficult to guard.

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