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How To Beat A 1 3 1 Defense

A 1-3-1 defense is a type of basketball defense that is used to protect the basket. The defense is organized into three players at the perimeter and one player in the middle, typically near the free throw line. The three players at the perimeter use their height and length to contest shots, while the player in the middle tries to intercept passes or block shots.

How To Beat A 1 3 1 Defense

There are a few different ways to beat a 1-3-1 defense. One way is to use a high pick and roll with your best ball handler. Have your other player set a screen for the ball handler as he comes off of the pick. This will force the defender guarding the ball handler to come up and defend him, which will leave the other player open for an easy shot. Another way to beat a 1-3-1 defense is by using backdoor cuts. Have

There are a few things you will need in order to beat a 1 3 1 defense. You will need a strong backcourt player who can penetrate and score, as well as shooters to space the floor. You will also need a big man who can score inside and rebound. Finally, you will need good ball-handlers and passers to make plays.

  • Attack the defender at their weakest point
  • Use your agility to get past them
  • Attack the ball carrier before they can make a pass

There are a few things that you can do in order to beat a 1 3 1 defense. One thing is to use a lot of motion and misdirection. You can also use pick and rolls to get your best player open. If you have a good shooter, you can also use a lot of screens to get them open.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Offense Beats A 1/3 1 Zone?

There are a few different offenses that can beat a 1/3 1 zone. A simple 3-point play can work, as can an effective dribble drive. If the defense overcommits to either the inside or outside, then a player can take advantage of the open space and score. Finally, using screens to free up shooters can also be successful against this defense.

What Are 3 Disadvantages Of The 1-3-1 Zone Defense?

1. The 1-3-1 zone defense can be easily beaten by a well-executed dribble drive. 2. It can be susceptible to backdoor cuts by the offense. 3. The defense can become disorganized if the players do not communicate effectively.

What Is Rule 3 Of The 1-3-1 Match Up Zone Defense?

The 1-3-1 match up zone defense is a defensive strategy that focuses on guarding the opponent’s best player and forcing them to take contested shots. The defense employs three players in the middle of the court to guard the ball handler, while one player guards the opposition’s best shooter.


There are a few different ways to beat a 1 3 1 defense. One way is to use a pick and roll to get the ball handler open. Another way is to use a screen to free up a shooter. Finally, another way is to use player movement and misdirection to get the defense out of position.

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