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How To Put Tesla In Car Wash Mode

If you have a Tesla Model S, you can put it in Car Wash Mode by doing the following: 1. Park your car in an empty spot in the car wash. 2. Turn off all the lights. 3. Put the car in Park. 4. Apply the parking brake. 5. Put the key in Accessory Mode by turning it to the right without starting the engine. 6. Open the charge port door. 7. Press and hold the start button for three seconds without depressing the brake pedal. The car will beep and the display will read, “Car Wash Mode Activated.” 8. Close the charge port door

3 Steps to Put Tesla In Car Wash Mode

To put your Tesla in car wash mode, first make sure that the car is in Park. Next, open the Settings menu and select the Wash Car option. Finally, select the Enable option and confirm by selecting the Enable button again.

If you own a Tesla, it’s important to know how to put it in car wash mode. This mode protects your car’s paint and finish by making sure that the car wash brushes don’t touch the car. It also prevents the car wash from spraying water on the car’s interior.

Step 1: Tesla In Car Wash Mode Will Start The Car Wash Cycle

To put your Tesla in car wash mode, simply touch the car icon on the touchscreen and select the car wash icon. Then touch the start button to begin the cycle. Your car will automatically go through the car wash cycle and will be sparkling clean when it’s done!

Step 2: Teslas In Car Wash Mode Will Drive Through The Car Wash And Stop When Done

To put a Tesla in car wash mode, the driver first parks the car in the washing area. Then, the driver engages the car wash mode by activating the corresponding button on the touch screen. The car will then drive through the car wash and stop when it is done.

Step 3: Teslas In Car Wash Mode Will Raise And Lower The Car Wash Arms As Needed

To put your Tesla in car wash mode, simply touch the car wash icon on the touchscreen and then hold the button down for two seconds. The car will automatically raise and lower the car wash arms as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Set Car Wash Mode?

To set Car Wash mode, press the WASH button on the car wash machine.

Where Is Car Wash Mode On Tesla Y?

The Tesla Y has a car wash mode that can be activated to clean the car while it is moving.


Tesla recommends using the automatic car wash mode to clean the car. The car wash mode can be accessed through the Tesla mobile app or through the dashboard of the car.

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